The Lash Collection Eyelash and Brow Cleanser

TLC Eyelash & Brow Cleanser has been specifically formulated to cleanse and sanitise the entire eye area and is the ideal home care product for wearers of lash and brow enhancements. The Cleanser is now available in leading salons and spa’s in a 50 ml tube and packed into an outer box. The cleanser is produced in the Fairest Cape using only the finest natural ingredients from the region. Gentle, natural and soothing, contains extracts of Rooibos, Citrus, Aloe and Tea Tree. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (sls). An effective eye make-up remover. Helps eyelash extensions last longer. Reduces build-up of makeup and natural oils. Helps prevent itchiness from pollen & dust with regular use. Non drying formula - safe for the delicate skin around the eyes.

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